Elsa the Barn Wood End Table

A couple weeks ago I brought home a couple planks of salvaged barnwood. Literally, just two, because I was in my car and not the truck. I had a vision of a planked wood top for a salvaged wire metal table base that had made it's way to us, but I didn't want to just run up to Home Depot and purchase new lumber. So when I had the opportunity to snag some true barn wood I jumped at the chance, even if it meant driving home with it crammed from my trunk and resting on my dashboard. If you recall, the wood was actually taller than our house!


Knowing that the wood was pretty rustic, I wanted to brighten up the table base. It was originally white, but why stay white when you can be a bright and beautiful aquamarine!


I would have loved to have sprayed her base, but alas, not this time of year. So she was painted by hand, and quickly turned into the pop of color that was needed.


Elsa's table top was left exactly as I found the wood. I gave it a good scrub, then finished it in a matte polyurethane, but that was it. No sanding, no planing, the wood was stunning and I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that!


There are some cracks and her grain is rough, which only adds to Elsa's character.


She's a little bit of rustic meets modern in her minimalistic design. She serves her function well while displaying unique appeal. A true custom-build from salvaged materials.


#custombuilt #reclaimedwood #whatididwithwhatithrifted

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