Before & After Wednesday: The Brookland Nightstand

A literal trash to treasure Before & After, Brookland went from being salvaged from the side of the road to now living in a glam condo in the city. Salvaged pieces are great, but they're not without their challenges. It's kind of like furniture rescue - I foster these pieces, housebreak them, and teach them manners before they're adopted out. This piece was missing a drawer and hardware, which is easy enough, but the finish work needed to make this lady look complete was serious business. After my third coat of spackle I began to think it might have been easier to just re-build the piece. After I shot myself in the finger with my nailgun attaching the trim, I thought for sure the piece was cursed. But I was too far gone to turn back, and the end result was totally worth my blood, sweat, and tears!


A custom piece, finished in Benjamin Moore's Studio Finishes Silver Metallic Glaze. It required three coats, which honestly isn't bad for a metallic. I rolled all the flat surfaces - the paint wasn't very forgiving of brushstrokes. I would definitely use this again to achieve a silver finish. It's highly durable, and had a nice, subtle, silver sheen without looking grey.


Blush was the accent color for this piece and was such a great, bright contrast to the silver! We trimmed out the empty drawer cabinet to make it look intentional, I love how it makes the piece look complete.


And of course no proper glam piece isn't complete without glass knobs!

Brookland went from this:


To this...


Finished, functional, and beautiful. This little lady has a lot of life left in her and she deserves to look her best. I love that our final Before & After Wednesday of 2014 falls on New Year's Eve. New Years is all about new beginnings, and Brookland got her new beginning just in time for 2015. May 2015 bring you new beginnings and your own Before & Afters!

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