What I Thrifted This Weekend: The Accidental Haul

Soooooo... here's what happened. I had a hair appointment this morning at the new location of my regular salon. On my way to my appointment, I spotted a house with a barn and a bunch of stuff sitting in the yard. This makes my heart sing. Alas, it's early on Sunday morning, and there were no signs of life to indicate whether the Barn O' Stuff was open. Really, there were no signs indicating whether the Barn was ever open. I arrive at the new location of my salon only to find that essentially, my appointment needed to be rescheduled. Well, I'm nothing if not efficient. What could have been a wasted trip to unchartered territory, I decided to give the Barn O' Stuff a shot. I pulled over, found a phone number for the barn, and gave it a ring. I was kindly invited to stop in - so stop in I did! The Barn O' Stuff turned into my sanctuary. I was one with my people, those people being the husband and wife that run and own the barn. Some folks go to church on Sunday morning but I found my own fellowship in between the salvaged barn wood and countless end tables. Here's what I thrifted:


THIS QUILT. It's admittedly in terrible condition. There are some holes and it's in need of some serious mending. But the colors, and the patterns made my heart sing. It came home with me. We all know I don't sew, so I'm not quite sure how I anticipate mending this but miracles happen every day. We'll see.


This is a metal, wall-mount shelf (or rather, the end of a metal, wall-mount shelf). I have a couple others with similar detail, so when I saw this beauty, I couldn't pass it up.


I have a serious problem with vintage books. I can't resist them. They're so colorful, and they are great for staging furniture. Plus, who wouldn't want to read Poppy Ott's Pedigreed Pickles (circa 1927 no less!).


Vintage wire baskets. These guys are pretty big, which is nice. Also nice, they're almost the perfect size to store my vintage books!


The Little Blue Table meets the Little Blue Step-Stool Chair! Complete with seat cushion. But now for the eternal question - to paint or not to paint?


And lastly - you can't visit the Barn O' Stuff and not leave with some authentic, rustic, salvaged barn wood. These two pieces are taller than our house, but well worth the struggle to get them inside. Look at that grain!!

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