Spotlight on Josephine

December 15, 2014

Like literally, there was an actual spotlight on Josephine.  It was making me sweat.  But now, in a more metaphoric definition, let me re-introduce you to Josephine.  Jo (as I like to call her, we're close like that) is a sweet little solid oak end table.  She's been refinished in a weathered grey, and then lightly distressed to allow some of her warmer wood tones to peek through.  She has drop-leaves that open up to create a beautiful round tabletop.  See? 

Jo is the unsung hero of our basement right now.  She's been patiently waiting to be showcased (again) in better light.  A beautiful, solid, heavy (don't tell her I said that) table in an extremely adaptable finish.  Jo would look great in any room!  Being an end table, she'll sit quietly next to your bed or sofa and hold your coffee, cell phone, whatever you need.  She's also a good listener, so don't be afraid to tell her all about your day.  She cares, I promise.

Josephine is a small table, she's only 26" tall.  I've staged her with our cobalt chair (which is also for sale) to demonstrate her size.  Jo is too small to be a kitchen table, but would work great next to a big fluffy armchair.


Quite frankly, Jo has overstayed her welcome.  She's been here a while.  I'm sorry, I hate to be that way, but honestly.  She's far too pretty to be sitting in our basement!  As much as I know I'll hate to see her go, it's time for Josephine to shine all on her own.


Josephine end table:  $60.00

26" tall x 27" long x 15" wide w/leaves down, 32" wide w/leaves open.      

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