Bert the Orange Coffee Table


Running out of daylight this time of year happens way before we're ready. So we improvise...


Once the pieces were cut to size I did the rough preliminary build-out. A template of sorts to see where we needed work, and how to trouble-shoot the reveals we didn't like. I wanted clean lines and angles. A simple design so as not to compete with the color.


The coffee table is still the focus of the room but but not jarringly so. It's not an abrupt transition from sofa to coffee table. It's aesthetically pleasing. A highlighted piece through a subtle difference in color all the while reinforcing the existing accent colors. Contrast doesn't have to be strong to make an impact, especially with a bold piece. Introducing any more color into this room would have made for competing focal points. The room would have felt overwhelmed. If the room feels that way, the person in the room feels that way. Sometimes a slight difference in color variation; a slightly different shade either lighter or darker can make all the difference in a space.

Sure, Bert is orange, but Bert sure looked delicious in his new home. If you like color, embrace it. Don't excuse it, don't dismiss it, make it work. Bring it to life and it will bring you to life right back.

#custombuilt #paintedfurniture

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