What I Thrifted This Week: Thanksgiving Edition

Having this week off for Thanksgiving allowed me to make up for lost time thrifting. I also got to visit stores I don't normally frequent because the hours they keep aren't condusive to my schedule. A thrift store located in the basement of church near my house is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Unfortunately it's only open on Tuedays for 3 hours during the day. Note to self: schedule all doctors and vet appointments on Tuesdays from here on out... The church thrift store is where I snagged the above Friendship Love and Truth cross-stitch. I love the message, but the frame isn't in the best shape. A little love will help with that! I fell in love the blue vase, and I couldn't resist the miniature chemistry beakers. They're so tiny! I didn't exactly excel at chemistry, but this fun little bunch makes up for everything I didn't understand.


Following the miniature trend... they world's tiniest vintage Christmas ornaments! So cute, so colorful, and so vintage.


Let me introduce you to the butter bean bench! I spy some pretty wild grain underneath that paint, let's see if we can't do something about that.


Miscellaneous odds and ends, and a slightly better picture of the cross-stitch. When I thrift, I tend to not only look for whole pieces, but parts of pieces I can use to create a whole new piece.


And lastly, a salvaged medicine cabinet! I have (of course) big plans for this guy. I'm pleased to report, that with the exception of some minor finish details, my big plans have already been executed successfully. Stay tuned to see what I did with what I thrifted!

#whatithrifted #vintagechristmas

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