What I Did With What I Thrifted: Coby Christmas Frame

November 30, 2014

I feel like this is kind of a cheat post since I already showcased a Christmas frame this week.  But this frame is different in a number of ways, the foremost reason being that I built it.  I always plead with Terry to leave me the wood scraps from our custom-build projects, and sometimes he listens.  I figure I need to strick while the iron is hot and actually use some of our scrap wood, and what better project than to make a custom frame for our own front door!  I've done a Christmas frame for everyone else, but we didn't have one of our own.  All the frames I have left are too big to hang on the door, so the timing of this project couldn't be more perfect.

I had a lot of fun getting creative with this guy!  The design is pretty simple, which is what I wanted.  The finish is acturally layered.  First I stained, then I waxed, then I painted, then I distressed.  Heavily.  Perfection!

I went with a fairly traditional approach with the ornaments; vintage glass Coby Balls are on display.  The best part is once Christmas is over, I can still leave the frame up, and swap out the ornaments for something a little more "winter-y" and a little less "Christmas-y"!

Terry came home and asked where I bought our new front door decor.  I was all too happy to tell him I made it - frame and all!  Maybe now he'll think twice before scrapping our scraps!

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