What I Did With What I Thrifted: Vintage Chenille Brooch Pillows

Doesn't our bedroom look serene? Calming and soft, soothing and quiet. What you can't see is the Chihuahua rage taking place behind me because the boys weren't allowed in the bedroom while I took pictures. This did not please them. They're not used to not being allowed on the bed, so when I walked in the bedroom, alone, and shut the door there was lots of confusion. Which turned into angst. There was crying. There was whimpering. There was scratching. I had a full-on Chihuahua riot on my hands by the time I was done.


I snagged this sweet vintage chenille bedspread from my WV Haul. I knew it would never fit our bed but aside from a few spots, it was in otherwise great condition. No holes and it was still soft as ever. And I absolutely adore the pastel mint color. I thought of hanging on to it for any random upholstery pieces I might have down the road (bench and seat cover type uphosltery) but I ultimately decided I couldn't wait. I had a couple down throw-pillow forms that I'd picked up a while back that were perfect for what I wanted to create.


Once I had them covered - and since I still can't sew, this was a no-sew project - I decided they needed a little something extra. Bows. Everything looks great with a bow!


I used some wide canvas ribbon to wrap these guys.


Then I added a vintage brooch to each pillow to give them a little bit of sparkle. Aren't they sweet? I love how they turned out!


These guys are listed for sale in the TLBT Littles section. Chihuahua not included...


#whatididwithwhatithrifted #beforeafter

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