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OK so technically this isn't a "What I Did With What I Thrifted" post, since I really didn't thrift these guys at all. But "What I Did With Stuff I Have Laying Around My House" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. These are just plain old, regular glass jars. I have a really hard time recycling good jars. They have the potential to serve so many purposes! We use them all the time in the basement. They're great for storing that last little bit of mineral spirits, or making our own custom stain when mixing colors. But I wanted more for little jars like these. Like most of my projects I have to play the game of "Super Cute or Dumb?". Sometimes I can't tell. Sometimes I'm so deep in the throes of whatever I'm working on that I can't see the light. I can't see that normal people, people who haven't inadvertently glued themselves to their work bench, might not really be into jars wrapped in twine. So naturally, I made two. Lo and behold, a client paid us a visit and bought both of them. And then she ordered more, for the holidays.


The gift jar concept is simple enough: the packaging helps make the gift. Gifting a small present in something other than a gift bag or a wrapped box helps make the present a little less "small". In my family, we're big into chapstick. Carmex is a regular at our Christmas Eve dinner. Jars like these help make gifts, like chapstick, a little more special. Another alternative, these little guys are a great way to gift money, a check, or even certain giftcards (not all giftcards would fit). Fun packaging that isn't an envelope. Stuff some colored paper shreds in there and gift it up!


The client these were created for uses them for hostess gifts. She's gifted candy and votive candles in them; small gifts that are made a little more special simply by their thoughtful and unique packaging!

So save your jars and make your own! They can be completely customizable for any holiday or season. Clean your jars well, and remove any labels and label adhesive before you get started. Next paint the lids. I adhere wrapping paper to the lid to help jazz it up, and then embellish the jar. I used some scrap burlap leftover from my burlap table-runner along with some ribbon and twine I had on hand. Don't want to make you're own? I'll have another batch ready soon enough, or contact me to order your own!

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