Before & After Wednesday - Dresser Organization

OK this is going to be a long and meandering post. I apologize in advance. There are a lot of pictures, so I'm really going to try to practic less words, more pictures with this update. Let's get started! So my dresser is a HOT MESS. The dresser itself is fine, it serves it's purpose, it holds my clothes. Could it be bigger, sure, or I could have less clothes. The part of my dresser that's a hot mess is the top. There is absolutely zero organization. See for yourself.


I should be ashamed of myself.


See, it's terrible right?? Insufficient jewelry storage, too much unnecessary clutter, and my dresser top turns into a catch-all. I mean there's a screw in the picture for crying out loud - if that doesn't demonstrate "catch-all" nothing will. Not only does it drive me insane, but it sets the tone for the whole room. I'm fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom for a closet, but I want my dressing room to inspire me. Instead, I get in and get out as fast as possible. I wear outfits that require little to no thought, and I wear the same jewelry all the time. Because it's what I see. It's what's laying on top. It's what I can grab and go. And I have some great jewlery (but not fancy, expensive jewelry that would get a lot of money if pawned, so don't rob me). Bottom line, I need to see what I have in order to wear what I have.

Let's start with the necklaces.


This started out as a wall-mounted silverware display. Forks and spoons were hung, and knives went in the slats along the bottome. I hacked out some of the top silverware brackets to allow a little more room for necklaces to hang (I have some chunky necklaces), a good coat of paint, and there you have it! It's wall-mounted, so it's off the top of my dresser, and I can see everything as it hangs, thanks to the glass door.


For my longer necklaces, I mounted these iron plant hangers to the side of the jewelry box. I love the fleur de lis detail, and the distressed white finish. And again, I can see everything!


I hung a few of my bracelets too. I love this shot!


For the rest of my jewelry, glass canisters! My big, chunky bracelets and bangles are in a tall apothecary jar I thrifted. My earrings and brooches are stored in the glass canisters I created. They're candle jars (shout out to Bath & Body Works!) that I cleaned out, and added a knob.


Brooches! And I can see them!


My rings (are totally fake) and displayed on a vintage plant mister. I added some other fun details, like the silver vase and vintage perfume bottle. The vase used to be green! Spray paint - gotta love it.


Pedestal dresser tray made from a thrifted silver tray, and a candlestick. Adding height to the silver tray helps add another visual element to the full dresser landscape.


And here's the final product! Way better right? This entire dresser overhaul from the necklace cabinet and plant hangers, to the glass apothecary jar and everything in between cost me under $30. My dresser is no longer a catch-all, and I can see what I have. I can also see what I don't have... there's always room for more jewelry, right?

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