What I Did With What I Thrifted: Rustic Christmas Frame

My soon-to-be husband walked past the computer while I was uploading these pictures and he stopped mid-sentence to ask "Wait. Did you make that?"

Insert dramatic sigh here. Not only did I make it, but he saw it before I took it to a client. I specifically showed it to him. And it sat in our living room for the better part of a week. I swear it's like he's only half listening half the time, and if those two halves don't align then it's like he's listening a quarter of the time. Instead of launching into the above tirade I simply replied that yes, I made it.

"Wow. It looks like something out of a magazine."

OK he's forgiven.

This is a different variation of a similar project I created last month for What I Did With What I Thrifted.


I picked up this frame in my Winter Blues thrifted haul. I grabbed it specifically with these vintage Shiny Brites in mind.


I knew I wanted to showcase them, but I didn't want an overly ornate frame. Everything from the size and texture of this rustic, unfinished frame was perfect.


The client has this hanging in her kitchen window that overlooks the walkway leading up to her front door. I love that you can see it both inside, and out. Add a little vintage to your Christmas!

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