Thrifted Outfit Thursday - Board Meeting Edition

I've had a couple big meetings at the office for my 9-5 job that take place on the weekends. Last weekend was our annual board of directors meeting which makes for a lot of long days in preparation, ending with the day-long meeting itself. It's a fairly intense meeting with lots of discussion and comprehensive thinking. There are lots of key details that are critical to the success of the overall meeting, and I'm responsible for all of them. All of my attention is focused on remembering all the stuff I'm paid to remember and very little thought is actually applied to things like my appearance. Which is why I love easy outfits like this one.


Let's start with the sweater. I love this sweater, and I almost didn't buy it. I'm super sensitive to almost any and all sweaters - they all make me itch to some degree. I often layer them with something underneath to help with this, but sometimes layers are heavy and it can be a lot of work when getting dressed. There are sleeves and collars and cuffs that need to be straightened appropriately underneath. It's a lot of work! I was convinced this little sweater would be more of the same but I loved the stripes and decided it was worth the risk. To my pleasant surprise, this has turned into one of the softest sweaters I own. No layers necessary! Also...


Awesome button detail on the shoulder seams! Doesn't it look soft?? My point is this sweater is easy. It's cute, classic, fitted without being tight, comfortable and soft. It's warm, even with 3/4 length sleeves. And it looks great with my brown, tweed-colored slacks.


They're not tweed (undoubtedly, that'd make me itch) but there's more to the pants than just light brown fabric. I wore this outfit for last weekend's board meeting with a pair of kitten-heel brown loafers. I was comfortable, which is key, and I looked presentable, put-together, and professional (at least I like to think so!). And the best part, because of outfits like this I can keep my attention where it belongs: on being the rememberer of all the things. It's one less thing I have to worry about, when I have more than enough to worry about already! And it only cost me about $13.00!

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Sweater - $5.99

Express Editor Brown Tweed-colored Slacks - $6.98

Total Cost: $12.97

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