Before & After Wednesday: The Double Rush Twins

From the start these ladies were set in their ways. I tried sweet talking them. I tried to convince them it was for the best. I told them they were deserving of major exfoliation, but they didn't want to listen. They just wouldn't strip clean. Here's the Before:


Two rounds of stripping, followed by some spot-stripping, and they were finally as clean as I could get them. Luckily, they cooperated much better when sanded. Because they did sanded so clean I was able to get a successful stain application in one coat.


The chair on the left had a fresh coat of stain, the chair on the right had been freshly sanded. You can see how clean the wood was, which meant it took the stain evenly. And the after?


Look - you can see grain!


Here's a Before of one of the chair posts:


And the After!


Gorgeous! I'm proud to report the client thought they were gorgeous as well. She couldn't believe they were the same chairs we'd taken from her house. The best part of taking these ladies back to their home?


The client sent us home with Rice Krispie cookies! It doesn't get much better than that. She also sent us on our way with two new furnture friends. Meet Stumpy and Lumpy:


Stumpy and Lumpy are the furniture - to be clear - and not the dog. Kenny (the dog) is demonstrating how we thoroughly inspect each new piece we bring home!


Stumpy here has two broken legs, and is in desperate need of refinishing. He's also got some pretty detail!


Which you can't really see since I was too intent to get a shot of Frito's furniture inspection.


And Lumpy here is a beverage cart that used to have a removable, glass serving tray. The glass broke and the tray is in pieces. Lumpy also needs some refinishing love. We've got our work cut out for us on these guys!

#beforeafter #furniturerestoration

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