What I Thrifted This Weekend: Winter Blues Edition

Winter Blues Edition, immediately following the I Miss Summer Already TOT post. That was totally unintentional, but man, sometimes I'm so poetic it hurts. There's a whole lot of blue in this week's haul. Like this post title, it's entirely accidental but a nice theme nonetheless! And relatively timely since it was in the upper 30s this morning when I left the house for my 9 AM church flea market. Winter: It's Happening. On to the good stuff!


Love, love, love these guys. Bath and soap (or, technically, if you're reading from left to right: soap and bath) metal cannisters. I love the typeface on these guys and the soft aqua interior makes my heart sing. They would look so sweet in any bathroom and offer great storage but who has that much counterspace in their bathroom? We certainly don't so maybe I'm taking other bathrooms for granted. Selfishly, I've thought of how we could use these guys in our own bathroom, which has inspired some ideas on how to tart these guys up. We won't use them in our bathroom, but design inspiration has to start somewhere!


Found this sweet little blue blanket. Maybe, subliminally, I was colder than I thought. Can't decide if I should use this as an actual blanket or try to get crafty with it. It's not old. At all. It's from Macy's and is by Martha Stewart. I'm loving the design, and the color. Sometimes a girl just needs a snuggly blankie, am I right?


Ahhh, the vintage mason jar. A yard sale/thrift store favorite. In general mason jars do very little for me. But this guy in all of his true-blue authentic vintage patina does everything for me! Last year Ball re-released their blue mason jars to celebrate their anniversary. They're beautiful in their own right, but they pale in comparison to the original aqua color. Faded over time, each vintage blue mason jar takes on a different hue, but they're all beautiful. Upon picking this one up today I discovered I've acquired quite the collection of vintage blues. I think it's time to list a few!


Candlesticks. They're very pretty on their own, but I don't need candlesticks. I've got my eyes set on a different purpose for this pair!


The red-handle 1/4 cup measuring scoop! Small but mighty in it's vintage glory.


Of course, no weekend haul is complete without an empty frame. I love them, I can't help it! This one is different than most I'd pick up. It's raw and rustic. A little rough around the edges, but the minute I spied it, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. Stay tuned!


And last, but certainly not least, the vintage Snowflake Garland Pyrex mixing bowls. Terry asked tonight, "Pyrex is still around, why does anyone care about these?"


Sometimes it's like he doesn't even know me. Who wouldn't love these? Yes, he is right, Pyrex is still in business and making Pyrex things on the regular. But they don't make sweet patterns like this anymore. I don't pick-up vintage pyrex a lot, but these guys are a dream. They're headed straight to The Littles!

Saturday was supposed to be the day when I was going to do nothing. A full 24-hours of being in between furniture projects paired with the fact that starting Monday I have to work for the next 14-days straight for my real job; I fully intended to make it a Netflix kind of day. After the morning flea market I was going to come home and take at least two naps (I even bought a sweet little blanket to take a nap with!). I was going to wear sweatpants and try really hard not to move. None of that happened. I was too excited to get started on some of what I'd brought home. Terry says that planning to do nothing is the first step in actually doing nothing, so maybe next time I plan on doing nothing it'll actually happen. That might not be until Christmas. Until then, keep it moving. On to the next!

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