Thrifted Outfit Thursday - I Miss Summer Already Edition

Initially, this thrifted outfit doesn't appear as visually appealing as some previous ones that have been featured. But the devil is in the details, I promise! While re-organizing my closet to prepare for the impending Winter I came across this outfit. I haven't worn it in months, but it's a Summer favorite of mine. Finding it in early November made me long for Summer. This outfit reminded me of getting goosebumps while letting the Summer sun warm me from the outside in; the smell of honeysuckle in our backyard on balmy nights when the Sun didn't go down until 9 PM, and sleeping with the windows open. I miss Summer!


This outfit is easy-peasy, like Summer. Simple, and ready to throw on at a moment's notice. A J.Crew chino min-skirt, and an Ann Taylor Loft navy blue tissue tank. Pair it with a denim jacket (for restaurants that run their AC too cold!), and some flip-flops this outfit is Summer approved.


I adore the frayed edging of the neckline on the tank. A subtle detail that is showcased better when worn (vs. in pictures) it's a soft ruffle embellishment that makes this more than your average tank. Also, it might be the softest tank top in the entire world.


The turtle skirt speaks for itself. Classic chino with embroidered turtles - what's not to love?! Plus, how cute are these little guys??

J.Crew Turtle Chino Mini - $4.99

Ann Taylor Loft Navy Blue Tissue Tank - $3.99

Total Cost: Just under $9.00

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