What I Did With What I Thrifted: Rustic Floor Mirror

Day six of a week of What I Did With What I Thrifted, and with barely an hour to spare! The thrifted part of this project was really just the mirror. I snagged it from a yard sale a while back; an old cheapy floor mirror that was falling out of it's frame. The work was already half-way done when I brought it home! We finished removing the frame from the mirror and basically, re-framed it. This is the second floor mirror we've made. It's one of my favorite projects because it's wild watching the different grains come to life. I love picking out the boards we use because they each have their own personality.


Capturing the right grain with our cuts makes all the difference! I enjoy having fun with the different finishes. This particular mirror is stained in a Red Mahogany. My favorite part is sanding after the stain dries to help enhance the rustic feel. I waxed this guy to give him a matte finish. This handsome fella has gone to a particularly good home - he was made as a birthday gift for my mom! But this project is easily customizable to compliment any existing home decor. I've learned now through experience no two mirrors that we build are alike. Each one we create is it's own unique piece!

And now, just because, a Frito and Terry photo-bomb.


Interested in creating your own floor mirror? Contact me!

Check back tomorrow to meet our new TV bench!

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