What I Did With What I Thrifted: Vintage Tablecloth Tea Towels

Wouldn't that make a great gift? Who wouldn't love to receive a vintage Pyrex mixing bowl and sweet little vintage tea towels?! I digress... If you recall I snagged a vintage tablecloth as part of my Wild & Wonderful Haul. It was (is!) darling; all cotton with a sweet strawberry pattern. As is the case with most vintage linens it had some stains. I soaked and scrubbed, but ultimately I knew I wasn't going to use it as an actual tablecloth. I had big plans for this tablecloth - and see, my big plans came to life!


Once it was sufficiently soaked and scrubbed, I got to cutting. This pretty lady had a lot of life left in her, and her bright berry pattern had too much to offer to let her go to waste. So I made her into tea towels!


How stinkin' cute is that! I had to work around some stubborn spots that wouldn't come out, so the pattern repeat isn't, well, repeating. But these towels are too cute to even care about details like pattern repeats.


Now, full disclosure: I don't sew. In my heart of hearts, I truly wish I did. It would make my life infinitely easier. I know several very skilled and talented sew-ers. Or seamstresses? I don't know what they're called - I just know a bunch of people that sew really well! Fabric terrifies me and I'm reluctant to work with it for that reason, but at the same time I love it. And I love giving a beautiful tablecloth like this lady a second chance. So this was a "no sew" project, maybe one day I'll actually learn how to finish an edge with a needle and thread. In the meantime, an industrial strength adhesive does the trick quite nicely, and they are machine washable (and dryable!).

And now for a bow close-up, because duh, I like bows.


I've got a set of two tea towels listed over under the Littles, along with the vintage turqouise Amicsh Butterprint Pyrex mixing bowl. In lieu of Halloween, Day Five of Before & After Week is going up on what is technically Day Four. That's two blog posts in one day, I must be some kind of super-hero! See you Saturday for a furniture reveal!

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