What I Did With What I Thrifted: The Shiny Brite Frame

I love, love, LOVE pink Christmas decorations. I don't just mean pink ornaments, I mean full-on pink Christmas decor, especially of the Shabby Chic vintage variety. My adoration of pink Christmas was my inspiration for this piece. These vintage Shiny Brites are from my Wild & Wonderful West Virginia haul . Once upon a time they were Christmas green, but over time they've taken on a softer, gentler green. The perfect complement to pink!

This is one of my favorite salvaged frames. I think it showcases these vintage beauties wonderfully. Some Christmas greenery, topped with a Shabby Chic bow and I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas!


Terry keeps asking my why we can't just hang Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree. We can, and we certainly could with these. But these guys are special, just like our Mid-Century Modern shiny brites featured yesterday. They deserve a little extra love and appreciation!

This display doesn't have to hang on a wall. I have it hanging right now because nothing is safe in our house. Set this display on a mantle or on a foyer table; where there's a wall, there's a way! This weekend I'll try it out on our own foyer table to see how it looks. This is the last of the vintage Shiny Brites for now, but add a little vintage to your Christmas, and check it out under my Littles!

Day Five of Before & Afters coming tomorrow!

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