What I Did With What I Thrifted: Romantic Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Technically, this may be considered cheating. I've scoured all of my pictures and don't see where I photographed these thrifted finds when I first brought them home. So you'll just have to take my word for it! A friend of mine sent me a pin on Pinterest the other day. A beautiful rustic farm table adorned with a shutter table runner, pails with gorgeous vintage patina displaying an abundance of flowers, and candles. A shutter! On a table! I can do that! The only problem is that our rustic farm table is just a little guy. He's a three-foot square and seats exactly four. It's the perfect size farm table for our little dog farm, however the gorgeous shutter centerpiece I'd envisioned may be tricky.

Shutter or not, the first thing I wanted to do was make a burlap table runner. Michaels is all but bursting at the seams with burlap but none of it seemed sufficient for what I wanted to create. Instead, I snagged the two burlap tote bags pictured above on clearance.

First I snipped the handles off, then cut them down the sides and ripped the seams so they would lay flat. Attach the two together, and it's the perfect fit for our little farm table.


Next, I added the shutter. I had to cut the shutter down to fit, it was a smidge too long to begin with. Now it's the perfect fit.


The knob is what I love most!


OK burlap, shutter, now it's time for my vintage pail.


A vintage white enamel pail with red trim and wooden handle. Love the handle!


And the candles...


I made these guys from my burlap scraps leftover from the tote bags i used forthe table runner. Simple glass votive holders wrapped in the tote bag handles. Add some flowers and here it is:


Let's check it out at night with the candles lit.


While it may not be as extravagant as the one I saw on Pinterest, it works perfectly for our little table. The bucket and the candles are listed over in TLBT Littles!

Tomorrow check back to see what I've done with (some) of the vintage Christmas decorations!

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