What I Thrifted This Weekend - Seriously, Enough With The Christmas Decorations Edition

This week's haul is small but mighty. I didn't spend a lot of time out and about this weekend because I wanted to tackle some of my smaller projects. As it is, we're up to our ears in projects and we just inadvertently took on two more. And for serious, I'm putting an official ban on vintage Christmas decorations until I do something with the ones I already have. I can't resist them and it's becoming a problem!

First up - Pumpkin Mammoth!


Love the picture, hate the frame. Let's see if I can't do something about that... Check back tomorrow to see what the Pumpkin Mammoth looks like now!

Next - Vintage Coby Christmas Balls


I went with traditional Christmas colors with this batch. The reds and greens have a sweet vintage patina to them. Love that they're still in their original boxes! Know what else I love?


Original price tags! These suckers were $1.09 from drug fair. When was the last time you spent $1.09 on anything, much less a box of Christmas ornaments. When was the last time you were at a drug fair. This makes my heart sing.

On to the next!


I love glass, I really, really do. It cleans up so nicely and can be so versatile. I bought these vases with an actual purpose. I love them as vases but I had other plans for them from the start. I've already tackled a project with one of these guys - more on that later!

And lastly...


My Christmas boxwood. I know! No more Christmas! How cute would it be as a centerpiece though? I have some thoughts.

Oh! I almost forgot! There's one piece that wouldn't fit in the picture...


Meet our new TV stand (inadvertent project #1).

My goal this week is to actually show what I've created with some of the items I've thrifted this past month. Before & After Wednesday, and Thirfted Outfit Thursday may have to be temporarily postponed until next week. Technically it's a week of Before & After Wednesdays - check back tomorrow!

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