Thrifted Outfit Thursday - Leopard Layers

Look, I know that technically this has nothing to do with "my brand." My brand is furniture and home decor. Restored, refinished, repurposed, rejuvenated. My brand is rustic and vintage, modern and minimalistic. My brand is eclectic and adaptable. My brand is a lesson in contrast.

But at the end of the day, after all the sawdust and paint-splattered clothes, I'm still just a girl on a budget who loves clothes.

This outfit is one of my cold-weather favorites. As I've mentioned before I'm a fan of layers. Both in actual articles of clothing and in texture.


This week we've got a crisp leopard print button-down, underneath a soft marled grey sweatshirt, paired with a dark denim skinny jean.


Dress it up with some chunky gold jewelry and you've got a contrast of soft, shiny, and crisp. Yes please!


I also love the play on colors. The cool grey of the sweatshirt and the blue of the denim play up the warm tones in the leopard print. And when it gets extra chilly?


I throw on my black puffy vest! It doesn't get much more Fall than this. Throw in some tall boots and a scarf and it's an outfit made in Pinterest heaven. This outfit is also fairly versatile. I just wore it to the office on Monday paired with wide-leg black slacks and a pair of tortoise shell heels. From weekend to work-wear I need to get the most out of my clothes, so I love when I can double-dip on an outfit.

J.Crew leopard print button-down - $4.99

Marled Old Navy sweatshirt (purchased new) - $6.00

Guess? dark-wash skinny jeans - $6.98

J.Crew black puffer vest - $11.98

Total Cost: just under $30.00


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