Before & After Wednesday - The Metallics Project

We're delivering this piece Friday night but I got the a-ok from the client to use it for my Before & After Wednesday post. With custom pieces, like this one, I prefer that the customer see the piece before I show the world, and I've been itching to talk about this one for a while now. I love working with this particular client because I can have fun with her furniture. Not that I don't have fun with all our furniture, but anytime I can get a little creative and think outside the box, I'm happy to do it!

Last year we did a number of custom pieces for her, but these two were my favorites:


This particular repeat customer is not afraid to come down to my basement and shop, which is exactly what she did with the desk and the trunk. She has a great eye and can see beyond the rough exterior of our "befores". The last time she came over it was to discuss some custom pieces for a client of hers, and she ended up finding this guy for herself:


Her pink desk pictured above needed a friend to help hold a printer, and this little vintage record table fit the bill. This table had been hanging around for a while after being purchased at an estate sale. If I don't jump on pieces immediately I start to lose my vision. It sounds silly but I really couldn't see anything more for this piece beyond what it was. The client suggested a silver metallic finish and my heart skipped a beat.


After priming the piece, I used Rustoleum's Chrome finish. Several coats that required several hours/days to cure between applications, this project was a long time in the making. First I had to have ideal Spray Painting Weather which can be tricky in the Fall. Then I'd spray for 20 minutes followed by a day off to allow the metallic paint to set. Once completed, I wanted this sucker to sit in our basement as long as it could. Metallic finishes typically require a longer dry time than most paints, which can be frustrating but rewarding IF you have the patience (and the room to let metallic pieces cure without being disturbed!). The end result for this little lady was worth it, I'd say:


If you look close enough you can see my reflection in the doors! I had a little fun with the inside too:


Since it was a record cabinet, it's built out to accommodate records. The client will use it now to store her own files and magazines. I finished it off in a sweet ballet slipper pink.

And the hardware:


These are the orginal knobs but they got a facelift as well. They were a tarnished, brassy yellow. I finished them in a warm vintage gold. I wanted a subtle contrast to the silver finish of the table, and this gold did just that.


I love this table. I really, really do. I'm sad it sat in my basement for as long as it did before getting it's Before & After. But the wait was worth it I'd say. The only downside? This finish has zero durability. In order to maintain the metallic finish it can't be topcoated for protection. It's been over three weeks since I put the last and final coat on and the minute you set something on it, it will leave a mark in the finish. To give it a little extra protection on the most-used surface (the top) I did a couple coats of a Benjamin Moore Metallics finish in silver that I'm using for another piece. It has slightly less metallic sheen, but better durability. Since the rest of the table does maintain the high-shine, reflective finish, it's helps translate the Benjamin Moore silver on the top.

Overall, this table won't see a lot of heavy traffic the same way a coffee table or nightstand would based on the clients needs. I would not recommend this Chrome finish for high-use pieces, but it helped this little guy shine up nicely!

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