What I Thrifted This Weekend - Fall Haul Edition

The perfect yard sale haul for a perfect Fall day! I couldn't be more excited about this weekend's finds so let's show 'em off!


I've acquired quite the collection of empty frames. I can't helpt it. I love them. Check out this detail - would you have been able to pass it up? I've got big plans for my frames, I swear. And here's one more to add to the collection.


More vintage Christmas balls! Sometimes when it rains it pours and that seems to be the case lately with my vintage Christmas finds. Normally I don't even pay attention to the seasonal decorations at yard sales or thrift stores, but between this weekend and last weekend I'm three for three. Much like my empty frames, I have big plans for these as well!


This sweet little frame didn't make it in the group shot, which makes me sad. I love the royal blue and gold color combination. It's a little guy, maybe 4x6? But a fun detail nonetheless.


SUPER excited to score these vintage door knobs! It took a lot of restraint to not purchase all that were available, but since I'm not going to use them as actual door knobs I reigned it in and walked away with four.


I adore this shelf for a number of reasons. 1. It's a corner shelf. So cute. Corners are often under-utilized and overlooked, so I love things that go in corners (like shelves) that make them a little unexpected and fun. 2. It's old, and right now it's rusty. I'm like a moth to a flame. 3. I already have another three-tiered shelf that's it's mate! Same detailing and everything except it's not meant for a corner. They'd be great as a set!


The Shamrock Tea Tin. Not old at all; in fact so not old the price tag was still on the bottom. But I love the colors, I like tins, and it made this Irish girl's heart sing a wee bit. And last but certainly not least...


The newest addition to The Little Blue Table's land of misfit furniture! I'd been due a really sweet little vintage table; I've had a dry-run lately. And then, when I least expect it, there she was at a yard sale AND within my price range! And look...


It has a drawer! A secret drawer that was chock full of children's books. It was so secret the lady that sold me the table had forgotten about it.


I absolutely love it and I can't wait to get started on it. I've got a new color I'm itching to try and I've got (you guessed it) big plans for that drawer!

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