Before & After Wednesday - Antique Chair Restoration

It's still Wednesday! It still counts! Even if I spent all day thinking it was Tuesday, even though I should have known better because it was Birthday Cake Day at work and Cake Day is always on a Wednesday, but still. It's Wednesday. Before & After time.

This is probably one of the most, if not THE most, rewarding restoration project I've done to date. We tackled this project for a client almost a year ago, but it deserves to be celebrated again.


This chair is old. It's heavy. It's solid oak. It was dirty, tarnished, paint splattered, and in desperate need of a LOT of love. The owners found this chair when they moved into a new home 20 years ago. It had been left behind by it's previous owners. The chairs current owners had the good sense to hang on to it, and 20+ years later, it made it's way to me.

I stripped. I sanded. I sanded some more. I threw my back out sanding. I got some of the best sleep of my life after spending an evening sanding this chair. I scrubbed and buffed the leather seat.


One coat of stain with a hard lacquer finish, lots of leather love, and the end result left us all speechless.

Antique_Chair_Restoration.jpg 2014-9-29-22:34:49

I've done a number of other pieces for this client and we always come back to this chair in conversation. She's pleased she held on to it for decades - it now sits in the corner of her living room instead of her basement. I'm thrilled that she's thrilled and that this beautiful piece of history was able to get a second-lease on life. She's assured me that she'll leave this chair to me in her Will - I'm holding her to it. This chair will forever hold a special place in my heart, as corny as that sounds, because of everything we went through together. The stripping, the scrubbing, the sanding (my God - the sanding!), and in the end we both came out stronger than we were going in.

Never give up - there's always clean wood underneath.

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