What I Thrifted This Weekend - WV Edition

A day trip to West Virginia brought home an unexpected vintage haul that makes my heart sing.


I adore this vintage chenille bedspread. While it's not in pristine condition (the stuff is vintage after all), I have some ideas on how to repurpose it.


I'm a sucker for just about anything with a dog. The frame needs a little love, but how fun is this print?!


I love the colors in this vintage table cloth. Again, not in pristine condition, but I have some ideas on how to give this a new life. On an different note - I purchased this out of the trunk of a Honda Civic. Rainy day yard salers get creative! Add the phrase: "Is that a tablecloth on your dashboard?" to the list of stranger things I've said.


LOVE MY SHINY BRITES. Can you tell? Everything from the vintage packaging to the decorations themselves, it's never too soon to start thinking about the holidays!

Not a bad haul for rainy day yard sales!

#whatithrifted #vintagechristmas

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