Thrifted Outfit Thursday

So here's the deal. I spend a lot of time in thrift stores. Like, a lot. I'm always on the hunt for the next great piece of furniture that needs a little love. Sometimes, I find myself browsing the clothing section.

Yes Internets - I buy clothes from Goodwill.

When you tell someone you picked up a nightstand from Goodwill, or a dresser from the Salvation Army, they admire the piece and applaud you for buying used and getting a great price. When someone compliments your sweater and asks if it's new and you explain that it's "new-ish" because you got it at a thrift store, there is a distinct pause in conversation. I get it, there's a stigma attached to buying second-hand clothes. I understand, I used to be that way myself. And then I stumbled upon a gorgeous suit from Brooks Brothers I'd never be able to afford if purchased retail. From my local thrift store it cost me $11. Anyone's judgement of my second-hand shopping habits is overruled by my love of clothes, so judge all you want. I'm maintaining fiscal responsibility while feeding my clothing addiction - I'm practically saving money while spending it!


In desperate need of some transitional Summer to Fall clothes I snagged this outfit this weekend with chilly mornings in mind. The office is frigid since the heat won't be turned on for another month or so, and the weather can't decide if it's August or October. Layers are critical this time of year.


I love the way the quilted faux-leather buttons tie-in with the chocolate brown slacks. One of my favorite details that always makes me think of Fall.


The sweater's warm burnt orange color and soft knitted texture breaks up the cool, crisp pinstriped button-down. I like contrast in my fashion, just as much as I do my furniture.

I paired this outfit with chunky gold jewelry, and a pair of nude heels I already own. From style, to texture, to color, this outfit was perfect for Fall. And it cost me $17.

Chocolate Brown Express Editor Slacks - $6.98

J.Crew Pinstripe Button-down - $4.98

Mossimo for Target Chunky Knit Cardigan - $4.98


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