Golden Oak

I woke up this morning to a cave cricket the size of my chihuahua on our bedroom wall. That's how my week started. It's ok Monday - I see you. Let's talk furniture.

The Golden Oak shelf came to me for refinishing from a relatively new client. We met when I bought all of the vintage hankies she had available at a yard sale. Since then I've refinished an arm chair for her, and most recently this shelf. A rustic piece she found at a yard sale in Omaha decades ago. This beloved shelf sits in her kitchen and displays her Orchids in the winter.

And now here it is, post-refinishing and ready for Orchids.


The client wanted the piece to match the rest of her antique oak furniture. Refinished in Minwax Golden Oak stain and sealed in a Satin poly, this little shelf will blend right back in with its furniture family. It's been a pleasure Golden Oak, be well, and enjoy your Orchids.

In blog news - today I activated my social networking apps on the website. This is just fancy wording for "click on the Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest icons to follow The Little Blue Table on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest." You'll find the icons on the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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