Before & After Wednesday

Back in January I began to tackle the refurnishing/reorganization of my dressing room/office. It all started because I wanted to save this piece from an untimely end at the hand of my beloved who claimed we didn't use it:


So use it I did and it turned into this piece:


But the biggest change came in taking advantage of the opportunity to create a new workspace. I snagged a flip-top vanity I had in the basement that looked like this:


What appealed to me the most was the ability to store my laptop inside the vanity with the help of some holes we drilled to accommodate the charger cord. Here's the after:


Some room rearranging was done to accommodate the wardrobe which turned this wall:


Into this wall:


Now I just need some Before & After magic on the rest of the room! Sure it still houses way too many clothes (we lack ample closet space - it's not my fault!), and I really need to work on better jewelry storage to clear up some of my dresser-top clutter. But until then the addition of a couple new pieces has allowed the room to take on an entirely different feel. The space is beginning to work for my needs as opposed to me working around the space.


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